What Is Avallore?

Avallore is a world where imagination and creativity bring things to life. In Avallore, your next adventure is just around the corner, whether it be seeking the elven city at the heart of the forest, or surviving the terrors of the desert and finding refuge with the dwarves. Access the archives, hear the lore of the land, and take up your own quests. Enter Avallore and Unlock your imagination.

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Browse the History Books

Looking for fact rather than fiction? Stroll through the Archives of Avallore and look up the land’s rich past.

Legends of Avallore

If you’re looking for lore, listen to the bard’s tales of brave warriors, mighty foes, and gallant quests.

Lost in the Lands of Avallore?

Gather the maps from across the lands and ensure you’re prepared to set off on your next adventure.

Looking for Adventure?

Browse the quest boards for an adventure worth your talents and reap the rewards of your labors.


 Avallore!  Where imagination and creativity bring things to life.